Operation Guidelines

Operation Gudelines


The main objective of Vinotables is to explore and taste wines of superior quality, and in the process, expand the members’ knowledge of wines as well as of wine and food pairing. A further objective is to promote friendship around wine. To these ends, Vinotables holds six wine tasting meetings each year.  These meetings normally take place on the second Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October and November.

Membership is by invitation only. The group also welcomes and encourages presentations to its membership by wine experts, sommeliers, merchants of fine wines, and representatives of wineries as part of its learning objectives.


Two members are assigned in the August meeting to coordinate and circulate to all members for comment the proposed program for the following year for adoption in the November meeting. Members are expected to volunteer for the preparation of the program or are chosen by lottery amongst those that have not participated in this task the previous year.  They consult the group on the preferred theme or themes for the tastings or if the program is left open to preferences of the organizers of each tasting.  They also ask the members to choose the tasting they intend to organize.  Each Member is required to plan and mange at least one meeting per year.  Ideally two organizers are assigned to each tasting meeting.


A wine tasting meeting typically involves four different wines: one white wine and three red wines, served during a multi-course restaurant in a fine-dining venue.  The Presenters select the tasting modality, open or blind.

Wines selected for tasting shall satisfy the following guidelines:


This is the central consideration for the selection of the wines. Thus the organizers select the best quality that in their opinion fits the budget set below.


Generally, four different wines will be presented at a tasting. The price of the set of four  bottles of different wines should normally be in the range of $200 to $300.

Responsibilities of the Organizers include:

  • Follow-up on the invitation issued by the Blog Editor (see below) for each meeting, and keep track of members’ responses.
  • Select and purchase the wines for the tasting.
  • Prepare information on the wines, wineries, producing region and country, and send it to the Blog Editor for publication before the tasting date. Some information restrictions may apply in case of totally blind tastings.
  • Select and agree with the Restaurant an appropriate menu, considering food-wine pairing, and send it to the Blog Editor for publication before the tasting date.
  • Present the wines on the scheduled date and place.
  • Collect money corresponding to each participant’s share in the tasting bill (wine plus food), reimburse the wine purchasers, and settle the bill with the restaurant.
  • Print and distribute the tasting evaluation forms, collect them after the tasting and give them to the Vinotables Blog Editor for processing and publication.

Prospective participants in each meeting must confirm their participation no later than the Friday before a meeting. The Organizers decide whether the number of confirmed participants is adequate to proceed with the meeting. In the negative the presenters may at their discretion cancel the meeting or reschedule it after consulting with the members.

The Blog Editor issues the initial invitation to each meeting.  The Organizers for each meeting are, however, responsible for following up with members to determine the final number of participants and the consequent quantity of wine to be purchased, and making the corresponding reservations with the Restaurant.

The Blog Editor also collects and processes the evaluation forms associated with each tasting meeting, and publishes the final evaluation in the Blog.

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