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By Juan Luis Colaiacovo.

The links below correspond to articles related to New Mexico, Bolgheri and South England wine regions.

New Mexico

“To my surprise.”

New Mexico’s Deep Winemaking History
This Southern border state planted grapevines back in 1629. And now, nearly 400 years later, the quality of New Mexico’s wine only continues to grow.

Read in Wine Enthusiast Magazine: https://apple.news/A7eQoDtIuQmWKpAmyTMkgBA

Bolgheri (Italy)

“How  interesting.  Regrettable that we did not buy earlier. Our friend (Franco Batzella) former World Bank had excellent vision to establish his winery there.”

Wines From a Little-Known Region Became Some of the Most Expensive in the World
Ornellaia’s vineyard in Bolgheri, Italy. Courtesy of Ornellaia Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo. Any oenophile’s eyes will light up at these names. With histories of winemaking dating back centuries, premier wine regions like the aforementioned trio command high prices and break records at auctions. So how did Bolgheri, an obscure Italian hamlet, rise to fine wine prominence on par with these regions within just a few decades? For this Tuscan coastal area, which was granted DOC (Denomination of

Read in FORTUNE: https://apple.news/Ao5JaUqllReaqypgnaaaltQ


” We should try these sparkling. Also visit the place. How would these evolve if the french champagne makers are interested as it seems to be the case?”

Kent wine tour: Top wineries to visit – Decanter
The orderly vineyards at Gusbourne Estate, which also boasts a sleek new visitor centre. There’s a good reason why Kent is described as the Garden of England. With much of it edged by the sea, stretching from the Thames estuary all the way round to the English Channel, you’ll find a verdant landscape of rolling hills, blossom-filled orchards, white-cowled oast houses (hop drying kilns), and timbered villages with tile-hung cottages. And thanks to its eastern location, it gets more sunshine and

Read in Decanter: https://apple.news/AvvkdTJNmNb2AgqpZjmdNzQ