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 Capri Ristorante – McLean, VA

Pinot Noir Grapes


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PRESENTERS: Miguel Segovia, Jairo Sanchez

TYPE :  Blind


MembersAlfonso Sánchez, Lee Samuelson, Mario Aguilar, Peter Scherer, Orlando Reos, Miguel Segovia and, Jairo Sánchez



This blind presentation Objective was to identify the varietal wines from these states and to contrast the impact of the terroir on the overall wine features. These are the wines:

  1. 2015 Two Mountains – Riesling – Columbia valley, Rattlesnake Hills
  2. 2012 Coelho – Paciencia Pinot Noir – Willamette Valley – Oregon
  3. 2014  Sheridan Vineyard – Mystique – Red Blend – Columbia Valley
  4. 2010 Gordon Estate- Cabernet Sauvignon – Six- Columbia Valley


  1. Shrimp cocktail in creole style sauce
  2. Risotto with roasted shallots, portobello mushrooms and parmesan cheese
  3. Grilled pork tenderloin with roasted beet and cranberry sauce
  4. Grilled lamb chops with porcini mushrooms sauce
  5. Dessert and/or coffee


(All information obtained and condensed from several Internet articles.)

2015 Two Mountains – Riesling – Columbia valley, Rattlesnake Hills 

The Wine: Off-dry style,hints of hay, green pear, wild flowers and dust on the nose combine with incredible tastes of ripe citrus, green apple, and a hint of minerality. This wine lasts forever on your tongue.

The Winery: “Warm days and cool nights provide the Yakima Valley with near-perfect growing conditions, allowing both white and red grape varietals to fully express their classic characteristics. Our award-winning wines are truly a reflection of the perfect location and climate in which they were grown. The Cascade Mountain Range provides a wonderful rain-shadow effect on our vineyard. We have warm sites averaging to 29 80-degree days with an ideal 190-day growing season and annual precipitation between six to seven inches total.”

Rattlesnake Hills is a small sub-region of Yakima Valley in Washington’s Columbia Valley. The AVA encompasses 68,500 acres (27,720ha) along the northern edge of the Yakima Valley AVA, on slopes and terraces with a variety of aspects and inclines.Temperatures in the AVA are moderate during the growing season, with the Cascade Mountains to the west shielding the region from the influence of the Pacific Ocean. The Rattlesnake Hills also protect vineyards from polar blasts originating in Canada. These influences make the AVA considerably warmer (up to 10F/6C) in winter than its neighbors – another factor in reducing vine-killing frosts. The soils in Rattlesnake Hills are predominantly silt loam, finer than the sandy compositions found elsewhere in the Columbia Valley. These soils are remnants from the extensive Missoula floods of the last Ice Age that shaped much of the landscape in the Columbia Basin before flowing south toward the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Read More about the winery here:http://www.twomountainwinery.com/

2012 Coelho – Paciencia Pinot Noir – Willamette Valley – Oregon

The Wine: Ripe strawberry compote typifies this appealing wine. The nicely ripened fruit is set in a mineral-driven, high acid frame, and shows both texture and length as it develops in the mouth. It’s especially noteworthy given the moderate alcohol.

The Winery: After Dave and Deolinda fell in love with the rolling hills of the lush Willamette Valley, they moved to Amity in 1991 and transformed 40 acres 3 miles south of Amity into the renowned Coelho Estate Vineyard. They decided that they wanted to do more than simply sell their fruit, and began to utilize their Portuguese winemaking heritage. In 2004, they bottled their first vintage of “Paciencia.” Since then, they have added two other vineyards Zeitoun Vineyard and Delfina Vineyard (named after Deolinda’s Grandmother) to their acreage. The Coelho, and very first, vineyard is located three miles south of the winery and planted with 28.5 acres of Pinot noir, one acre Pinot gris and 1.5 acre Chardonnay. Coelho uses sustainable viticulture practices, hand picking, and hand sorting to reflect our respect for the unique Willamette Valley terroir.

Read more about  here:http://coelhowinery.com/

2014 Sheridan Vineyard – Mystique – Red Blend – Columbia Valley 

The Wine: (Wine Enthusiast)This Merlot-dominant red blend displays classic Yakima Valley flavors that are well-integrated and balanced for medium-term (6–8 years) aging. The fruit is on the tart side, with accents of earth and herb. The tannins are textural and somewhat drying.

The Winery: In 1996, Scott (the owner and sel made winemaker) found 76 acres of land located on a hilltop in the Yakima Valley. At that moment, he realized that his 17-year career in finance was coming to an end. The following year, he started the vineyard by planting ten acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah grapes. Sheridan Vineyard’s first harvest was in 2000. That year, Scott bottled a Syrah and a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc now known as L’Orage. Today, with the property fully planted, Scott continues to focus on sustainable farming practices and keeping yields low as the vineyard matures. All of this is driven by his passion to create wines of richness while maintaining a sense of beauty and balance.

Read more here:http://www.sheridanvineyard.com/index.php


2010 Gordon Estate- Cabernet Sauvignon – Six- Columbia Valley 

The Wine: (Wine Enthusiast) This pure Cabernet Sauvignon from the estate vineyard shows focused blueberry, black cherry and cassis fruit at its core, with underlying minerality. Dusty tannins and firm acids support a chewy, cherry-infused finish.

The Winery: Gordon Estate is located in the heart of the Columbia Valley in Washington State. With a unique volcanic soil breakdown that includes basalt, sandy loam, clay loam and gravelly loam, the earth of the Gordon Estate vineyard produces grapes of great depth and intensity. The south-facing site is perched some 620 feet above sea-level along the Snake River. The vineyard has excellent air drainage and benefits from the river’s moderating influence. The vines are sometimes blanketed by snow in the winter, but spring and summer offer sunshine and warmth allowing the grapes to ripen completely. Temperatures during the growing season can fluctuate from 95 degrees Fahrenheit the day to 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night, enabling the grapes to develop high acids and high sugar levels.

Read more here:http://gordonwines.com/


Rating Scale:

  • 96-100 Pts. – Exceptional
  • 90-95 Pts.  –  Outstanding
  • 86-89 Pts.  –  Very good
  • 81-85 Pts.  –  Good
  • 76-80 Pts.  –  Acceptable
  • 75 or fewer – Mediocre

Participants ranking, average scores and wine prices :

  1. 2010 Gordon Estate- Cabernet Sauvignon – Six- Columbia Valley

    • Expert Ratings:     RP 92 Pts.
    • Member Ratings:  91 Pts.
    • Price: $50
  2. 2014 Sheridan Mystique Yakima Valley, Merlot Blend    
    • Expert Ratings:  WE 92 Pts.
    • Member Ratings:   90 Pts.
    • Price: $33
  3. 2015 Two Mountain Riesling, Rattlesnake Hill, Washington  
    • Expert Ratings:    RP 89 Pts.
    • Member Ratings:  90 Pts.
    • Price: $20
  4. 2012 Coelho Paciencia Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon
    • Expert Ratings:    RP 92 Pts..
    • Member Ratings:   89 Pts.
    • Price: $50

BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: 2015 Two Mountain Riesling, Rattlesnake Hill, Washington