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Mario Aguilar

TYPE :  Blind


Mario Aguilar, Juan Luis Colaiacovo, Orlando Mason, Italo Mirkow,  Carlos Paldao, Orlado Reos, Alfonso Sánchez.


This presentation focuses on comparing Pinot Noirs from California and from Burgundy of similar price and age.

  1. 2011  Domaine Droin, Chablis
  2. 2012 Calera Mount Harlan Ryan Vineyard, Pinot Noir, California
  3. 2012 Clos des Porrets, Nuits St. Geroges Domaine Gouges, Premier Cru, Burgundy
  4. 2011 Hillard Bruce Sky, Pinot Noir, California


  1. Lobster Bisque
  2. Grilled Portabella mushrooms with mozzarella and zucchini
  3. Pasta with creamed mushrooms
  4. Grilled salmon with asparagus
  5. Desert and/or coffee


(All information obtained and condensed from several Internet articles.)

2011  Domaine Droin, Chablis

droin-chablisThe Wine: Fermented and raised entirely in tank, the 2014 Domaine Droin Chablis AOP is a middle ground between the traditional and modern, a steely, vibrant cold climate Chardonnay that also manages to maintain plenty of green apple and citrus peel driven fruit flavors. Far from internationally styled, it still has the flinty minerality and mouthwatering acidity that Chablis lovers crave.  It would be a perfect accompaniment to raw oysters. 

The Winery: Domaine Droin, operated by 14th generation winemaker Benoit Droin, is one of the top producers of modern Chablis. Though the family viticulture history stretches back to the early 1600s, Benoit is an innovator in Chablis, running one of the most modern winemaking facilities in northern Burgundy and producing a bigger, riper style of Chablis while maintaining the regions signature focus and minerality. The domain produces as many different wines as there have been Droin generations–14–bottled according to vineyard, but are generally characterized by a buttery richness paired with a raciness and purity of fruit.

Read more about the Chablis in the technical note below.

2012 Calera Mount Harlan Ryan Vineyard, Pinot Noir, California  

calera-pnThe Wine: Winemaker’s Notes: The 2012 Ryan vineyard Pinot Noir embodies intensity, purity and uniqueness; dark berry, mineral and raspberry cream aromas beautifully complement flavors of cassis, sour cherry, wet stone, wild dried fennel and sweet oak. Its embracing texture of very fine tannins is structured and deep, hinting toward a very long life ahead. 

The Winery: Calera is a small ultra-premium winery located in the limestone-rich Gavilan Mountains, east of Monterey and south of Hollister, California. Josh Jensen planted Calera’s first 23 acres of Pinot Noir in 1975. An additional 26.6 acres of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Viognier were planted in the 1980s, and 33 more acres, mostly Pinot Noir but also some additional Chardonnay, in 1997 and 1998. All these parcels are in the Mt. Harlan AVA that was created in 1990. Calera produces 8 single-vineyard wines from Mt. Harlan, as well as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from grapes purchased from selected vineyards in the Central Coast regions.

Read more about Calera Vineyards here: http://www.calerawine.com/

2012 Clos des Porrets, Nuits St. Geroges Domaine Gouges, Premier Cru, Burgundy

domaine-henri-gouges-clos-des-porretsThe Wine: Winemaker’s Notes. This Premier Cru – exclusive to the Gouges domain with its 3.5 hectare vineyard – perfectly expresses the full character of Nuitonne Cote wines and their alignment of vines hanging onto the sloping hills : very subtle wines, developing beautiful aromatic qualities.
Vinous / Antonio Galloni – “The 2012 Nuits St. Georges Clos des Porrets Saint-Georges is beautifully round and supple. Here the fruit is distinctly red-toned, with hints of iron, earthiness, smoke and tobacco that add complexity. The 2012 will be highly appealing young because of its pure density, but it also appears to have the stuffing to age well for a number of years. This is a great showing from Gouges.

The Winery: (From Wine Searcher) Clos des Porrets-Saint-Georges (often spelled Poirets-Saint-Georges) is a small enclave of the larger Les Porrets-Saint-Georges Premier Cru site in Nuits-Saint-Georges. This vineyard, a monopole of Henri Gouges, is somewhat of a curiosity within the Cote de Nuits subregion of Burgundy: it is planted to both Pinot Noir and an extremely rare, light-skinned mutation of Pinot Noir. Consequently, Clos des Porrets-Saint-Georges wines can be either red or white.
The vineyard’s position on the slope gives it an excellent terroir, as both the soil types found here and the aspect of the vineyard ultimately have a considerable effect on the quality of the wine. A southeast exposure means that vines are in the sunlight for a considerable portion of the day, and so benefit from a warm mesoclimate. This means grapes have sufficient time to reach optimum ripeness prior to harvest, while still retaining vital acidity.
Clos de Porrets has deep, stony soils with a good amount of clay, covering a hard, limestone base. This soil is excellent for viticulture as it allows for plentiful drainage, ensuring that there is not an excess of water in the soil. Canopy growth is limited, channeling energy into grape production instead, and root systems can grow deeply into the soil to access water and minerals. The quarry on the hillside above the site betrays the limestone substrata on this part of the Cote d’Or.
The name Clos de Porrets is possibly a throwback to a time when pear trees were found planted on the slopes – known in French as poiriers.

Read More about the winery here: http://www.gouges.com/?lang=en

2011 Hillard Bruce Sky, Pinot Noir, California

hilliard-bruce-pnThe Wine: The Hilliard Bruce 2011 “Sky” Pinot Noir reflects a pure balance between earth, spice, and fruit characteristics in a complex and compelling style. Aromatically, the wine offers notes of plum and dried cherry with hints of rose petals and rosemary. On the palate, this Pinot Noir conveys both substance and lightness with a velvety mouthfeel, supple tannins, and flavors of plum, cola, and white pepper.
Winemaker’s note: Sky offers notes of exotic spices and dried cherry underpinned by rose petals and plum. On the palate, it shows a refined balance of both substance and lightness; a velvety mouthfeel of supple tannins juxtaposed by fresh acidity. Pommard and Calera clones showcase a deep cola and white pepper that carry over to an incredibly long finish. 16 months in 30% new French oak

The Winery: With a latitude of 34 degrees north, Sta. Rita Hills lies closer to the equator than any European wine region. However, the increase in temperature is tempered by strongmaritime influences. Just as the climate in Sicily, Cyprus and Crete (home to Europe’s southernmost vineyard areas) is moderated by the Mediterranean, the Pacific Ocean keeps daytime temperatures here within bearable limits.
Between Santa Maria and Santa Barbara, the Californian coastline juts obtusely into the Pacific, forming a broad peninsular of sorts. The Sta. Rita Hills vineyards benefit from the Pacific’s cooling influences on three sides, since the coast lies 16 miles (25km) away to the west, south and south-east. Margaret River on Western Australia’s Indian Ocean coast enjoys a similar kind of coastline.
Coastal valleys create corridors which funnel cool Pacific breezes up through the vineyards. This ventilation helps to maintain healthy vineyards by reducing the incidence of fungal infections, and also cools the vines down in the hot afternoon sunshine. Additionally, an extended growing season gives the grapes extra time to develop fullphenolic ripeness.
When it was created in July 2001, the AVA was officially known as Santa Rita Hills, but following protests from the large Chilean wine company Vina Santa Rita, it was abbreviated to Sta. Rita Hills in 2006.


Rating Scale:

  • 96-100 Pts. – Exceptional
  • 90-95 Pts.  –  Outstanding
  • 86-89 Pts.  –  Very good
  • 81-85 Pts.  –  Good
  • 76-80 Pts.  –  Acceptable
  • 75 or fewer – Mediocre

Participants ranking, average scores and wine prices :

  1. 2011 Hillard Bruce Sky, Pinot Noir, California
    • Expert Ratings: Avg  93 Pts.
    • Member Ratings:  92 Pts.
    • Price: $55
  2. 2012 Calera Mount Harlan Ryan Vineyard, Pinot Noir, California
    • Expert Ratings:  93 Pts.
    • Member Ratings:  91 Pts.
    • Price: $55
  3. 2012 Clos des Porrets, Nuits St. Geroges Domaine Gouges, Premier Cru, Burgundy
    • Expert Ratings: Avg. 93 Pts.
    • Member Ratings: 89 Pts.
    • Price: $75
  4. 2011  Domaine Droin, Chablis
    • Expert Ratings: Avg 90 Pts..
    • Member Ratings: 90 Pts.
    • Price: $28

Wine 1 was laso the preferred one according to a show of hands by the participants.

See full detailed evaluation here:_53-wines


Mario Aguilar prepared the following technical note of the Chablis Denomination and on the Pinot Noir Wines: _53-wines