– Many thanks to Peter Scherer who, with only a few days notice, had wanted and succeeded in hosting an impromptu and private tasting of Batzella wines for his Wine Club (https://vinotables.wordpress.com). Peter’s enthusiasm for our story and our wines is really an inspiration for us in our wine journey!
– Many thanks to our ex Bank colleagues to have taken the time on last minute to come taste our wines and ask so many questions about our winemaking!Your appreciation is what motivates us in our continuing quest for quality terroir wines!
– A special thank you to Gianlucca of Total in McLean for helping with this last minute event! You are great!
– To Peter and all in the Wine Club who couldn’t make it: we promise indeed to be back soon for a dedicated tasting with the Club, and we promise we shall give you proper advance notice!

These were quite remarkable wines rated by the critics 90+ points.  They come from the coastal region of Tuscany, specifically from the Bolgheri DOC.  We tasted the Digiá , the Peán and the Tam.  Different from other Tuscany wines, these are Bordeaux-type blends but a bit different from the Super Tuscans in that the Bolgheri DOC is heavily influenced by the proximity to the sea that gives these wines and special character .  Total Wine is carrying them.

Can find more about this exciting winery at: http://www.batzella.it/catalogo.aspx